Pirate dog portrait boceh costume aargh


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“That sense of loss grew within the hearts of the humans who had been left behind, left to live without unicorns. Even the ones who had never seen a unicorn, felt the passing of something sweet and wonderful. It was as if the air had surrendered a bit of its spice, the water a bit of its sparkle, the night a bit of its mystery.”
― Bruce Coville

Techie Stuff: f/2.8 for drama. Natural, diffused light for softness and to leverage the  beauty of the subject. A teeny drip of fill.  This girl was just too pretty to mess with very much.

Nikon D800 , 28.0-70.0 mm f/2.8, ƒ/2.8,  70.0 mm, 1/80, 100 ISO


Pirate dog portraits need boceh

Pirate dog portraits need boceh

The simple 50mm prime lens is a wonderful artistic tool on any camera. Here, open wide on a cloudy day at f/1.4 it renders a shallow depth of focus and the dreamy, creamy blur known as ‘boceh’. Boceh rhymes with mocha, Use the word and other photographers nod and smile. Some of them might even know what you are talking about. Those are the photographers you should spend some time with.
Every photographer NEEDS a 50mm lens. F/1.4 if you are daring, and the inexpensive and just as good F/1.8 if you want to keep the price down to around $120. The Nikon D version (used here) performs as well as their more expensive and less capable G version. Your mileage may vary.