Month: December 2014

It never ends well for the Wicked Witches


I mean really, when are they ever going to get a clue that the seemingly innocent child that they are about to devour is actually a bone-breaking ninja prodigy?

This was a tough shot due to the variable light.  by metering on the dark area and allowing the bright area to camera right to be somewhat overblown, you can get a serviceable photo, but really, why not just center it on the background and be done with the back-lighting altogether?

Probably because if they noticed me, I’d have been turned into a newt, but more like I was just walking by as these awesome actors were playing this out and captured what I could – there were hundreds of people around and this was the only vantage point.  Capture what you can. Fix it later if you must.  A fair photo of a good subject is better than no photo at all.


Honey, there’s something strange happening in the park.


Every year around this time Krampuslauf Philadelphia freaks out the neighbors. And that is very, very good, because freaking out the neighbors is one of my favorite things to do.  Here in Philly, Amber Dorko-Stopper, AKA Frau Perchta on Facebook, begs, pleads and cajoles scores of brilliant artists, neighbors and fellow citizens into performing one of the most wonderful and eclectic neighborhood events you’ve never seen.  There are costumes, food, camp fires, kids, adults, hot cider, incredible fire dancing, and everything Alpine-mythic for all that care to attend.  The costumes are to die for.

For an event like this, you should bring the fastest and widest lens that you have.  Available light is the best, but if you bring your own, use something off-camera and well diffused.

Old Style, New Edge


I love the juxtaposition of new into old.  Old movie star portraits with new style body mods and tattoos shock they eye and turn the studio censors of the 1950’s in their graves.  Art is defiance of the standard and the norm.

The subject of this Strobist-style portrait is Ruby von Vanity. She’s an impressive dancer and model who knows her genre.  I used an old Nikon D90 with a Nikon SB-600 on an extendable wand. The flash was triggered by Nikon CLS, an inexpensive, but sometimes unreliable solution.

Band Shots, Music Photos, CD Covers, Promotional Stuff-a-roo!

Music Photos: Yeah, I do them, too.  #MartineKraft #Band #Photography #Faerieworlds

This is Martine Kraft, and awesome violinist from Norway at a Faerieworlds concert in Eugene, OR. Shot with the Fuji X100s with a fixed 23mm lens, it was a challenge to get close enough for a decent shot, but once in position, the camera performed perfectly in the low light.

Martine was awesome.  She even mugged a bit  for the camera (below):DSCF1911

Thanks Martine for a great show!


Krampus Time Again!!


Once again it’s time to hide the naughty children lest they be carried away by Krampus and Belsnickel.

In Philly, there’s an incredible event that is run by the fabulous Frau Perchta from Facebook, the Krampuslauf Philadelphia (Saturday, 12/13/2014 at Liberty Lands Park).  It is a truly international, artistic event that allows opportunity for culture, art appreciation, and general wintertime steam-blowing.  This event has grown annually and is guaranteed to be worthwhile. Definitely kid-friendly, although it might be a bit scary for some adults.

For this event, photographers will want to bring a fast lens with a wide aperture (as this photos was shot with 50mm 1.4) or a flash, preferably off-camera.


Krampuslauf Website

Krampuslauf Facebook Page