Classic lighting, modern fashions

Falloff is my friend. Long before me, falloff was also the friend of Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer. They inspired me and one day I hope to be compared to them. For now I just beg everyone that I meet to please call me ‘Rembrandt Vermeer’. It’s kind of pathetic. Maybe I’ll just change my name legally, and get it over with.
The model in this shot is Lilith Purple Bear – she can be found on Facebook under that name. The event was Dorian’s Parlor which is wonderful geeky costume-themed event, held irregularly, that is closest to Steampunk in style but really has no defined genre. It’s promoted by Gil Cnaan of Philadelphia.
Technical Geeky Photo Stuff. Nikon D800 Camera wirelessly firing a remote Nikon SB600 speed light with a softbox modifier on an expandable wand. I usually start these shots at 200 ISO and F/8 aperture, 1/125 second exposure and start tweaking the ap closed if I’m getting too much ambient light and not able to isolate my subject from the background.


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