You can’t find a 6’8″ giant wearing a bear head shield just anywhere.


But when you do, you better have your camera ready.  Our subject for today is Eric Pope, here in character as Wotan the Fairy Smasher.  Eric is a giant of a man with a giant personality.  He can intimidate just about anyone – and has been getting a number of movie roles recently as scary bad guy characters – but where he shines most is as Children’s entertainer. Eric works the festival circuits as a paid performer always with a gaggle of happily squealing children chasing him around and taunting him.  His character is like Wile E. Coyote –  always trying to find an innocent  child or fairy to smash with his sponge hammer – and always being thwarted and tortured by the children he is supposedly chasing.

Technical:  I had to shoot Eric in extreme wide angle because, well, he’d overfill any other frame.  This made the bear head he mounts on his forearm look much larger that it is.  I had to tweak a very gray, cloudy sky in Lightroom and bring up the green foliage with the vibrance slider. Vibrance is great because you can amplify ambient colors without changing skin tones.


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