Soon to Be Cliche Band Photo: The Cadaver Shot


Check out Sofeya and the Puffins during our photo shoot at the historic and eclectic 19th-Century restaurant, dinner-theater, bar, hotel and brewery – that’s  Bube’s Brewery (pronounced ‘boobies’ for all you Beavis and Butthead fans out there), located in Mt. Joy, PA.

The photo, a fun go-to shot for me when I’m shooting bands, requires the band members to stand stiff, arms at their sides, and open their eyes as wide as they can, like dolls – or maybe cadavers.  It’s a fun ice breaker and it makes for a quirky photo.

This photo was made with a Nikon D800, a wonderfully compact Tokina 28-70mm F2/8 Pro-ATX  lens, and two Nikon speedlights of dubious vintage. The speedlights were controlled by Nikon’s wireless CLS system.  It got a little tricky as we were in tight quarters and it was hard to keep the split light’s sensor (located in the hallway) within visual range and yet not too close to the subject on the right.


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