Month: April 2014

Dude, You’re creeping me out!

Sofeya - sans Puffins

Sofeya – sans Puffins

Playing with available light creates all kinds of opportunities to creep out your viewer.  Take for example Sofeya of the band Sofeya and the Puffins. By anyone’s measure, she is quite a beautiful woman, but with the right lighting, inside a giant brewers cask at Bube’s Brewery in Mt. Joy, PA, she can appear downright (wonderfully) creepy.

This photo was shot with a Nikon D800 at high ISO, a Nikon 15-35 F/4G lens, and ambient light.  The VR saved the photo, but there’s still enough grain in the shot to fill a sand trap. That’s what you get when you push the limits of your camera and lens.


Frakk what the neighbors think.

Frakk what the neighbors think.

Who are we pleasing today? Our parents? Co-workers? Friends? Spouse? Are you putting on the right face for everyone you meet today?

It’s time to take off the mask and find out what’s left under all the layers of socialization that have bonded to your skin over the years. Frakk what the neighbors think.

Photo Info: Nikon D800, fixed lens, available light, Model: Sirena Domino Hildebrand. Location: Saloon at Alois Hotel, Mt. Joy, PA.

Mom, I’m dating a clown. And he’s evil.

My new clown

My new clown

Any grrrl that has her own snake should be smart enough to know not to date an evil, undead clown.  Gertrude is an exception. All you evil, undead clowns out there take heart – you need not spend your life alone eating Cheetos and watching porn movies; There’s a lid for every pot.

A straight-on, hand-held Nikon flash was fired slightly off camera using Nikon’s wireless CLS system to create an even fill. The aperture was stopped down to reduce ambient intrusion, however you may notice a second head growing out of clown boy’s cheek.

Soon to Be Cliche Band Photo: The Cadaver Shot


Check out Sofeya and the Puffins during our photo shoot at the historic and eclectic 19th-Century restaurant, dinner-theater, bar, hotel and brewery – that’s  Bube’s Brewery (pronounced ‘boobies’ for all you Beavis and Butthead fans out there), located in Mt. Joy, PA.

The photo, a fun go-to shot for me when I’m shooting bands, requires the band members to stand stiff, arms at their sides, and open their eyes as wide as they can, like dolls – or maybe cadavers.  It’s a fun ice breaker and it makes for a quirky photo.

This photo was made with a Nikon D800, a wonderfully compact Tokina 28-70mm F2/8 Pro-ATX  lens, and two Nikon speedlights of dubious vintage. The speedlights were controlled by Nikon’s wireless CLS system.  It got a little tricky as we were in tight quarters and it was hard to keep the split light’s sensor (located in the hallway) within visual range and yet not too close to the subject on the right.